Client Testimonials

— Anthony Fountain —

What can I say about this trainer? He is probably one of the most well-read and researched individuals I’ve met in my life…fortunate enough I was able to have him as my trainer for 6 months. I started out weighing 187, having almost 30% body fat, and my technique for weight lifting was problematic. My diet was also poor. Charlie routinely educated me during every session, giving me every detail for every question I asked. If it was anything nutrition related he had a vast wealth of knowledge and led me to totally changing my diet.


I began to see results in a short amount of time. My body fat was going down every week and my dietary habits getting better and better. My lifts were also increasing while losing weight. The information he was giving me was having effects and results.


I eventually ended up in the low 160s, with 16% body fat, and all my lifts increased dramatically. This is exactly what you want in a coach…results. His methods are well-backed by research and facts, no “bro-science”. He is the real deal. Charlie will spend hours analyzing results from the information you give him daily, like nutrition and weight. He even goes into the detail of body measurements and every calorie ingested. This is the hallmark of someone who takes their job seriously.


Charlie also provides online consulting, which I will utilize once I finish my move. His state of the art technology allows the user to effectively use his methods without having to be physically present. This is one of the great benefits of Charlie as a coach, because even if you decide to move you can still retain him for anything further.


I would highly recommend Charlie for anyone who wants to utilize their time and effort to education, strict and effective training, and good nutrition. Feel free to reach out to him for any questions you may have about anything. He is something you will not find in any other trainers out there…he is a revolutionary in terms of fitness. Get him early while you can!

— Sarah O’ Brien —

Personal training with Charlie is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child and I’ve tried too many personal trainers to count.  A lot of them were really great, but somehow, I have always managed to become unmotivated and slip back into my bad habits.  Charlie has completely changed the game.  He has perfected a method of weight loss for which he used himself as a guinea pig.  This showed me that he was passionate and dedicated to his work.  He is brilliant and works tirelessly to make sure I have all the tools I need to succeed.  Though his intelligence, methods, and dedication alone make him stand far above other trainers, one of the things I like best about him is his personality.  He is so friendly and motivated that you look forward to training with him.  He also holds you accountable for your behavior in way that makes you want to succeed rather than shaming you.  He has dedicated his life to finding the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and can use his immense reservoir of knowledge to personalize a plan for anyone, no matter their needs or where they are on their health journey.  I started training with Charlie in person several days a week and I quickly realized he was different when he could answer every question I had about how the body works and how nutrition and exercise fit into weight loss and muscle gain.  He treats me like I’m a member of his family and he is genuinely concerned and excited about helping me meet my goals.  I recently moved away but Charlie is so important to my weight loss journey that I’m continuing to work with him as an online client.  Simply put, he is the best trainer I’ve ever had!

— Cynthia Harvie —

About one year ago I consulted Charlie for nutrition and fitness help and was extremely impressed by his extensive knowledge, customized and comprehensive plans, attention for detail, and unwavering support and encouragement throughout my process. I have always been healthy and aware of my food choices but a year ago I reached a breaking point of frustration having tried several diets and exercise plans without much success in breaking my plateau and reaching my goals. Charlie thoroughly analyzed my current diet and eating habits as well as workouts and educated me about how I was actually eating far LESS than I needed to for the level of my activity and that my plateau was a result of my body not being able to let go of the unwanted body fat due to the lack of appropriate nutrients. He quickly developed a nutrition and workout plan that incorporated activities I enjoyed and allowed for occasional mishaps and slipups. He advised not only the types of foods I needed to be eating vs cutting out but provided the specific macronutrient breakdown and examples of how to meet my macro guidelines. I quickly began to see a difference in my body composition, the way my clothes fit, my workout performance, and even my energy levels. In a matter of 2 months, I lost 5% body fat as confirmed by a DXA scan and simultaneously gained lean muscle mass in all areas. Charlie truly provides a complete and total package and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their lifestyles and fitness regimens.

— Marc Elliott —

The day I walked in I was surprised with the knowledge and services provided to me. Charlie has really dug deep into his field to give you profound details about your body and what it’s doing or why you feel and look the way you do. I love how he keeps track of everything my body is doing, and practically tells me what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and how much of it. Not only was I getting more fit but keeping track of my eating habits completely revitalized my body. I feel great, more energetic, more confident, I guess the word would be “fresh”. I feel fresh and ready to go! What I like about Charlie is that you are not left behind; Charlie truly believes in the quality of his work and wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Charlie is with you 100% of the way. Thanks to Charlie I got my body in the physical shape It needed to be so I could try out for a National Lacrosse Team. Charlie can work with everyone; not just the typical athlete or gym rat. If you follow Charlie’s methods, it will change your life completely.

— Kay Sempel —

I was introduced to Charlie by an acquaintance who has him as a personal trainer and who recommended him with high praise.

I was interested in a trainer who would visit my condo exercise room and set up a program for me taking into account the equipment available to me, my age, physical limitations and health history, and my goals for improved mobility and health.

Charlie responded to my initial contact promptly and met me at my condo within days. We had a great first meeting with Charlie listening to my hopes and concerns and asking questions to clarify his understanding of my situation. He also saw the equipment that’s available for me. That meeting was on a Friday, and he was back Monday morning with a program tailored to my needs and situation.

On Monday he spent time showing me the various routines, answering all my questions and demonstrating proper form and walking me through each exercise.

When I realized I didn’t recall one of the exercises the first time I was doing it on my own, I contacted Charlie and he described the exercise in detail and added that if that didn’t give me clarity he would have someone video him doing the exercise and send that to me. His verbal instructions were enough to trigger my memory, but I appreciated his willingness to do whatever it might take to help me.

I’ve been following the program he set up for several weeks now and can see steady improvement in my execution of the routine and I am feeling more energized each day.

I recommend Charlie as a personal trainer, whatever your personal situation may be. He is easy to work with, and he brings his expertise and the ability to listen closely to your concerns and goals and give you a program that is custom made just for you. Thanks Charlie!

— Roberto Anders —

Charlie is a great trainer! Here are my top reasons why:

  1. Charlie is personable, attentive, and yet data-driven. He understands that it is important to have a baseline against which you measure your progress and he uses the latest scientific benchmarks.
  2. Charlie is a life-long learner constantly researching health and fitness related information he can apply to our training sessions. He is even exploring how to better incorporate genetic code insights into training regimens tailored for individuals.
  3. Charlie is fun. Charlie has a sense of humor, understands his clients are not all Olympic athletes, and wants to make working out enjoyable for everyone. At 50 years old I am relatively cautious and can’t afford an injury. Charlie pushes me to my limits and not beyond.

In short, Charlie is a great trainer!

— Ellie B. —

I greatly value Charlie’s breadth of knowledge and his ability to select exercises that allow me to develop strength without re-injuring myself. He is incredibly patient, and I have seen real progress that I never thought I would achieve.

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